All Measurements are approximate as as each piece is individually Hand Blown and therefore no two pieces are exactly the same.

We recommend that you only use a pure 

paraffin based oil  

Look for Oil Labeled 'smokeless and odourless', this is available from outlets such as, Home Hardware,  Michael’s and similar stores in Canada and the U.S.A.

Danger: Combustible, Harmful if Swallowed, Do not take internally, 

If swallowed Consult a Doctor.

   Fibre Glass Wick

We use only Fibre Glass wick in our Oil Lamps, which can not burn with out Oil
( the Oil burns and not the Wick), 

Wicks should not be cut and in normal use should never shorten.

 Do not touch whilst lit; extinguish and leave for 5 minutes to cool before refilling.

To adjust the wick, when cold, pull or push wick so as to leave only 1mm above glass collar, 

to increase flame size lengthen, to decrease shorten wick.

Always take extreme caution when using an exposed flame.

The flame should be smokeless if adjusted correctly, but the end of the wick will blacken in time but should not ever be cut or trimmed as the fibres are folded to create 

a spring which  keeps the wick fixed in position.

       Floating Oil Lamps

 GBS Glasses Floating Oil Lamps are designed to be used in decorative bowls or similar, for use in doors. We recommend that the Lamp is only filled to a depth of 1.5 inches (3.5 cm) or to half of its height, overfilling will result in uneven floating or listing.

     Pure Lamp Oil

 Our lamp oil is 99% pure Paraffin Oil and is smokeless and odourless,

Available in the following Colours,  Clear, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Lilac and Gold.


     Smokey Flames

Firstly, you may using the wrong oil in the lamp, (see above).
Secondly, if your wick is adjusted too high or has too large a flame ( it should be no larger than half an inch high). To adjust Wicks see above.

       Flame dies down
Firstly, Not sufficient oil in the lamp, ( make sure that the lamp is topped up),

Secondly, that the strands of the wick have separated making it 

difficult for the work properly,

( if the strands have separated gently stroke fingers down the wick to 

combine fibres back together).

( If too much wick is exposed the wick cannot supply enough oil and the flame will go out, we recommend that no more than 3mm or 1/8 inch is showing at the top of the oil lamp.).